Johan Tordhag

I have been painting since I was 14-15 years old, I have never wanted to sell my art, I painted for myself. In the past few years I have changed my mind and I am now for the first time selling my art and display it around the world.
I paint for three main reasons.
1. To get peace of mind and focus on something 100%. It’s like sailing, you concentrate only on the wind and waves. In painting you give your sole and energy to just that painting (that is why it is so difficult to sell it)
2. To get recognized around the world, so a great part of the income from my paintings can make a difference to someone or/and for the environment.
3. Leave something behind me when I am gone, more than a house, a car and a few dollars
I have been an entrepreneur since I was 18 years old, always gone my own way and not follow the stream. I have been setting up and running several different companies, now at 50+ I would love to make difference.
The main reason for going public is that I would like to do something good with the income, not just get richer. I would like to donate a larger part of the income to things I chose and care about. I also like to donate art to various projects. Right now I am working on project called "a day in Dubai", and I have donated a painting to Clarion Hotel in Karlstad were they will have an auction in Feb. 2, were 100% of the income will be donated to a project called “my day”, it is for kids that are sick and would like to do something to cheer them up.
I have also been in contact with the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach to suggest a similar project.
I paint large paintings in oil and acrylic, most of it on canvas. I love to paint bulls and different faces that express some kind of emotion.
The bulls for me are a symbol for power and strength, at the same time they are easy going and friendly animal, but if you mess with them they get furious. I can see myself in that kind of animal.

Kind regards
Johan Tordhag