Leiderby Tiffany

✿ Impasto and informal abstract art created by Tiffany.

"Every painting has an eloquent and significant name to it, each painting repesents a person who has made a true difference in the world. " - Tiffany Leiderby

•Palette De Fleur© 2018

❀Tiffany is imaginative and creative, especially at harmoniously arranging the significance already potential in the environment. These abilities have lead Tiffany into fields such as art and photography.

❀Who am I? ➸
I enjoy philosophical questions and conversations that get you thinking about life, the universe, and everything! At the moment I study history. And learning more about the climate change. When not studying I also enjoy traveling, documentaries, binge-watching series, music, hiking and fooood and Oh yes..I am definitely a foodie! I absolutley looove food, wine, and why not all together!

❀More..? ➸
I believe in having a higher EQ and not being protenstious "clever", having degrees for status- show or pretending to be something you are not. I find being a true empath as myself gives aspiration and is significnat when preventing negative impacts of the planet and mistreating animals.

➸Music: I play the Irish-flute, I Love rock n roll, folk, the blues baby!

I hope you enjoy my farts, I mean arts..... and for any further questions please feel free to contact me: ➷